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Ergonomic Furniture for Business, and Educational Use


Shaft Limited Pricing and ordering procedure;

The prices displayed on this Commercial on-line website, are Shaft Limited Recommended Retail Prices, EXCLUSIVE of V.A.T. and is the bases for arriving at discounted offers to our trade customer.

Upon registering as an existing trade customer account holder, your current trading terms and product discounts will be implemented once you have registered. 

Once in place, these will be applied to each order at the end of the order process ( at check out)

Upon completion simply click the ORDER button, which will activate an automated email order confirmation. This order confirmation will require your acceptance , by adding  your order number. This will validate the order, and become the identification reference for delivery and invoicing. You will also have the opportunity to add any labelling comments at this time.

Registration for new customers and non account holders will take up to 48 hours to process. Upon acceptance, you will be advised of the trading terms and of the product discount we can offer you. Products can then be ordered on-line.    

Upon completion simply click the PRO FORMA button, which will activate an automated email Pro Forma invoice. Once payment is made to the Shaft Limited account as stated on the invoice, the order will be activated.

At the end of each order procedure, you will need to choose whether to have the goods delivered, and if so, to which address, or to collect the goods from our warehouse.

Ergonomic Furniture for Business, Domestic and Educational Use